Friday, April 7, 2017

Rasors or Navajas

Those shelfs you see on the coastline. 
Often  on the Holland coast. 
Are verry nice to eat!
The catch these shelfs in the sandline of the coast itself, and sell them to Spain.
The Dutch do not eat these shelfs, but the can be tasty!

death and empty shelfs on the beach

The recipe for a tasty tapa:

Rinse the shelf in water, the can contain a lot of sand.
Heat olive oil extra vergine in a pan, and put the shelfs in it, 
Put a lid on the pan, after 4-5 minutes the are open.

Make the sauce:
Get the seed out 1 big  tomato, without the skinn, heat the oliveoil extra vergine in a pan again, fry 1 spring onions nicely cut,  ad the diced tomato in the oliveoil together with 2 spoons of limejuice. Til all is more softer.

Put the rasors on the plate, with the sauce over it.
Some salt, peper, basil and more limejuice if need  over it!

Nice with Terra  Blanca.

Salut y Bon Profit!

Nice with Terra Blanca a good mix.

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