Sunday, November 27, 2016

Terra Personas in Denmark

Terra Personas have been in Denmark last week to present the wines to the Danich importers.
Organizedby the promotional office of Catalunia.
The Catalan wine and Cava tasting.

Copenhagen just like Amsterdam!

Here we had the tasting full of Personal Art!

Ruud  & Terra Personas wines.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Terra Personas is D.O. Montsant


The areas in this DO take the form of a ring, with the majority of the
territory falling within the comarca (local district) of El Priorat, but some of the lands of the Ribera del Ebro corresponding to DO Montsant, which is defined as a modern designation of origin with a long tradition in the production of red wine.

The climate here is Mediterranean with continental influences. Rainfall is very limited and there are sharp oscillations in temperature, although the southern part is a little warmer. On the periphery of the DO, there are compact lands with calcareous soils, on stony fluvial terraces, but which have a low water holding capacity. In some parts of Cornudella and Falset, we find the slate-based soils known locally as “llicorelles”, which are poor in organic matter.

The vines exhibit low performance, an aspect that defines wine-making
in this area and which makes them highly prized. The red wines, which
are most important in quantity, are mainly made from Grenache and
Carignan and typical local DO varieties such as Tempranillo, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet, which are used in small percentages in coupages. DO Montsant is also known for its young red wines. White wines, which are increasingly present in this DO, are obtained from the Macabeu and White Grenache grape varieties. Chardonnay, Muscat, Parellada and Pansal all have a token presence in DO Montsant where they are used in blends. This DO also produces rosés and liquors, with the latter forming part of the deeply rooted tradition of this winemaking area.

Monday, November 14, 2016

harvest Arbequina started 2016

The harvest of the Arbequina olives has started. Only 1299 trees to go.....
Thursday i have more people to help.

Ruud started today, nice temperatures.
But we will have at least 30 % less due to the dry summer.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Terra personas at the Rijks Restuarant Amsterdam

The Rijks restaurant was celebrating his 2 nd year. 
A modern Dutch Style restaurant with supricing elements on the plate.
General manager Loek Beeren has invited all the Dutch winemakers who are present on the Rijks restuarant winelist. 
From all of the world the Dutch winemakers present there wines to the journalist and winewriters.

After the presentaion we have a perfect dinner with the regular guest of the Rijks restaurant.
High quelity  and verry suprizing!

Mabe a first Michelin star in december 2016?

Ruud with the wines and oliveoil From Terra Personas

Dutch Origin from Spain at the Rijks Restaurant.