Monday, October 31, 2016

Catalan Wine tasting in Copenhagen on the 24 of November.


On the 24th November 2016, several Catalan wineries from different D.O.s will present their wines and cavas to the Danish market. Organised by the Catalan Foreign Trade Office in Copenhagen, this event that will be held at Kunstforeningen  
GL STRAND, will be a unique opportunity to discover some of the finest wines from this region. 
During this day-long event, participants will have the chance to taste Catalan wines and cavas, while also meeting those behind their production, learning more about the origins and production processes followed to obtain them.
Terra  Personas will aslo be on this event to show there wines to the people of Denmark. 

Link to visit the website for this event:


Monday, October 24, 2016

olives 2016

Last Friday have been raining. Not a lot just 16 mm, but we are happy.
On the coast, just 21 km from hear, over the montains it has rains heavy.
In Cambrils it has rain 230 mm in a few hours!

It Has been a verry dry year in Spain. We had 30 %  less grapes and the oliveharvest to come..

Mid november we starting harvesting the olives, I think this will be also less -40 %.
Because we do not have a water-well.

Rain on the Finca Terra Personas

Arbequina olives 2016

Monday, October 17, 2016

carinena harvest 2016

Last week we have finishing the  harvest of the  Carinena and Cabernet sauvignon.
Just before the rain last friday!
A normal year for the carinena, a bit less sugars as usual, but that is not a problem, than the crianca wines will have less alcolhol. In stead of the 14 to 15  %  range we can go probably to the 14.0 % max.

Carinena from the year 1974


 With this machine the berrys come seperate from the ris.
 And pumped to the rvs tank with temperature control.

Destemming of the Carinena