Friday, September 30, 2016

garnaxa harvest 2016

We have harvested the Garnaxa this week. This year it is the dryest year i have seen sindce we have started in 2006.

A lot grapes dead or raisens, Unfortunatly we do not have water!
The suger content was normal, but small berrys and grapes. This give excellent wines.
So every year gives a diffrent touch!

Garnaxa 2016

Small bunches of exlosive material
destemming of the bunches into nice smelling juice...

Friday, September 16, 2016

Gold in the vineyard

This year is verry dry in the area and in Spain. The spring was oke, nice showers, summer some hot weeks and a long period of warmth.  yesterday the climite has changes from 30 degrees C to 24 deg C. The evenings are 14 degrees colder, so the summer has come to his end in one day!

A little rain only 2 mm but we have find a jar of pure gold in the vineyards!

Gold between the Garnacha grapes!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Harvest 2016

The end of august all the grapefarmers starting harvesting. The white varities are first like Garnacha lanca and Macabeo. The weeks there after fthe start with the first red varities as merlot, Temperanillo and Sira. The hrirt week of eptemmber the Garnacha will be harvested. Than the region is in full production. The majority of the DO Montsant and the DOQ Priorat are Garnacha and Carinena.

Garnacha  2 weeks to wait

Carinena 1972  first week of oktober to be harvested approx.

Sira will be harvested around 13 of september

dry grapes a dry year