Friday, June 19, 2015

The Mediterranean crisis

The Mediterranean Sea became disconnected from the world’s oceans and mostly desiccated by evaporation about 5 million years ago during the Messinian salinity crisis. The Atlantic waters found a way through the present Gibraltar Strait and rapidly refilled the Mediterranean 5 million years ago in an event known as the Zanclean flood

this stone that I have found in the region mountain on a height of 800 meters.( miljons years old)

The nature, abruptness and evolution of this flood remain poorly constrained. Borehole and seismic data show incisions over 250 m deep on both sides of the Gibraltar Strait that have previously been attributed to fluvial erosion during the desiccation

Here we show the continuity of this 200-km-long channel across the strait and explain its morphology as the result of erosion by the flooding waters, adopting an incision model validated in mountain rivers. This model in turn allows us to estimate the duration of the flood. Although the available data are limited, our findings suggest that the feedback between water flow and incision in the early stages of flooding imply discharges of about 108 m3 s-1 (three orders of magnitude larger than the present Amazon River) and incision rates above 0.4 m per day. Although the flood started at low water discharges that may have lasted for up to several thousand years, our results suggest that 90 per cent of the water was transferred in a short period ranging from a few months to two years. This extremely abrupt flood may have involved peak rates of sea level rise in the Mediterranean of more than ten metres per day.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Terra Blanca 2014

White wines in this region is not easy to produce. Sun and variaties make it complex over here.
The majority is Garnacha Blanca and Macabeo.
So we pick the grapes early ( end august) to expose the fruits from the berrys and the crispy acids.
After cool maceration and fermentation at low temperatures 15 deg C, The Garnacha go on new French wood to mature for 4 months. The rest go on inox on his lees.
But now availabel the new : Terra Blanca 2014!

Now new labels with Catalaan, Spanisch and English text.
Waiting to be bottled..

click on the picture to read!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Temperature and growth

The North European countries are suffering to the higher temperatures now,30 deg C in a few days is a big change.  In Spain the the temperatures are above the 30 deg C. In August this is normal, but for now it is also to hot.            Hope that everyting is temporarly!

Garnacha 2008 

Flowering mid may, and now small grapes /  Carinena 1972
The olives has also setteled in the trees, everything is flowering  from the first week to the end of may this year.