Friday, December 11, 2015

New fresh olive oil 100 % Arbequina Extra Vergine

New 2015 Fresh olive oil unfilterd .

extracting the oil from the paste

horizontal centrifuge and therafter

The vertical centrifuge, 100 % pure oiliveoil without additives, pure juice 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Saturday, November 28, 2015

olive harvest of the Arbequina olive 2015

This year we have bought a new toy.
A wheel barrow with a smart connection with the nets which catch the olives!
More easyer and faster than the traditional nets wich are on the ground.
The olives are easy to collect below the wheel barrow.

Arbequina olives in ther morning dew.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

Cathy Pacific Hong Kong wine competition 2015

Terra Personas is delighted to announce that they have won a Bronze award in the 2015 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine Competition (HKIWSC) for The Terra vermella  red wine.

Terra Vermella 2013
40 % Cariñena
30 % Garnacha
30 % Syrah

In appearance the wine has a beautiful cherry colour with violet highlights.
On the nose the wine displays a pronounced intensity of wild raspberries, white and black pepper with floral and violet nuances. A long mineral finish.
 Beautiful, uncomplicated  wine, which at a barbecue runs up to top form.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Restaurant Chef aan de Werf

We deliver our wines & Olive oils of Terra Personas to the new restaurant in Hilversum
 Restaurant Chef aan de Werf -Made by Charly de Wijs.

Location: Mussenstraat 11   1223 RB Hilversum  phone  0031 (0)35-6315412

Charly has worked in the high segment restaurants in Holland and rewarded with the Prix Taittinger prize.

See the website:

Monday, November 2, 2015

Terra Personas and The Nachtwacht - Rembrand van Rijn

Terra Personas wines are soon availabel at Rijksrestaurant in Amsterdam.
Quality Dutch painting in the Rijksmuseum and quality food and Dutch wines in the restaurant!
Go to visit this restuarant..  on
Dutch Terra vermella by Terra Personas made in Catalunya - DO Montsant

RIJKS® is the restaurant of the Rijksmuseum. The Rijksmuseum tells the story about the Netherlands. Influences from countries far and near can also be seen. At RIJKS® we follow this pattern: quality, authenticity and uniqueness translated to: the kitchen, the chefs, the interior and the location. RIJKS® is the Rijksmuseum served up on a plate. 

The nachtwacht by Rembrand

Dutch paintings in de Rijksmuseum

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Arbequina olive harvest is coming

The arbquina harvest will start in the first week of november.
But we like a little rain to have a perfect harvest this year.
 Please let it rain...

already coloured arbequina olives, but needs a little bit more water.

Monday, October 19, 2015

autum in the vineyard - nice colors

The autum of 2016 has arrived in the vineyards.
Nice colors, and perfect light this time of the year.

Friday, October 9, 2015

harvest on the end

The harvest of 2015 is on his end. The last grapes have been harvested; the carinena and cabernet sauvignon are the last grapes in the row.
A different year. Short showers and a verry hot summer suppose to be early mature but  not the case this time.
The grapes needs time to mature, nature gives his ritm, so normale harvest  weeks/days .
The have nice sugars and even fresh acidity and mature element as fruits, body, color.

Carinena 2016, nice bunches.

the morning condensation does his work! ( lowering the temperature in the grapes)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

wine in progress..

After the harvest a lot of activities in the  bodega. and afterall the smell of fementing grapes.. Yeah!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Harvest 2015 Do Montsant grapes

We have started the vine harvest of 2015.
A different year, short swowers of rain during the year  make it not easy.
A verry hot summer, but cool nights in september make a lot good.
Grapes small in size with sufficient sugars  but with a delicate taste on the raw grape 
promized a nice wine!

sira syrah harvest
harvest sira do montsant, interesting year.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wines from the Holy Montsant

Wines full of character from the Holy Montsant 

The Montsant mountain range surrounds the Priorat and gives the DO it’s
name. In this dreamlike landscape with olive trees, amandel trees and vines
Ruud Persoon, founder of Terra Personas, purchased in 2006 old vines on
the terraces of the Siurana valley. Here the Carinena, Garnacha, and Syrah
are at their best and provide complex and drinkable wines.

We taste the wines in the middle of the vineyards, the plants patronize
us excellently. These are wines that will delight the heart, qualitatively very
high standing and perfectly vinified. But most of all we were surprised by the
price. Incredibly such complex wines at a fair price!
Unfortunately few people take care of the landscape heritage in this region.
Many vineyards were destroyed, a pity. Luckily, there are people like
Ruud Persoon and Norrel Robertson, Master of Wine, who takes care of
the Bodega vinification and assembly.

White Flowers


Terra Blanca 2014
70% Garnacha blanca
30% Macabeu

Attractive pale straw in colour. Clear and bright with a green tinge and some viscosity.
The nose displays pronounced notes of white flowers, skin of the peach, citric, honey and tropical fruits.
The 70% of Garnacha Blanca fermented in new French barrels for 4 months brings subtle  notes of lemon, vanilla and toast.

The mouth is fresh, citric and yet mouth-filling with a long mineral finish

For grilling


Terra Vermella 2013
40 % Cariñena
30 % Garnacha
30 % Syrah

In appearance the wine has a beautiful cherry colour with violet highlights.
On the nose the wine displays a pronounced intensity of wild raspberries, white and black pepper with floral and violet nuances.
A long mineral finish.

 Beautiful, uncomplicated  wine, which at a barbeque and get-together runs up to top form.


A long and powerful Montsant

Terra Negra 2010

60 % Carinena
30 % Garnacha
10 % Syrah

Dark ruby-violet. Aromas of red and black berries with plums and black cherries.
Mixed with beautiful notes of violets and cassis flowers.
For this, a hint of pepper, leather and sandalwood.

On the palate very approachable with soft, round tannins. Great harmony between fruit, barrique and freshness.
The flavors are confirmed, blackberries, plums with Spices and subtle vanilla notes.
The Terra Negra ends long, strong and continuing with mineral finish.

Fits very well with dark poultry or a steak from the Pata Negra Pig.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

In a few weeks we start harvesting the grapes

Garnaxa end of July

garnaxa mid august

Sira harvest first week of september

Carinena 1972 waiting for the terra negra 2015, harvest first week of oktober.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Barrel sun chair

What do you think of my new Barrel Sun Chair!

Made in the priorat region

Free with everey full palletload, ask for the conditions.....
Make yours set complete!
The only one on the marked and verry unique.
For your wineshop,in youw winecompany or just for private use,

In theses hot temperatures a icecold beer is better.

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Mediterranean crisis

The Mediterranean Sea became disconnected from the world’s oceans and mostly desiccated by evaporation about 5 million years ago during the Messinian salinity crisis. The Atlantic waters found a way through the present Gibraltar Strait and rapidly refilled the Mediterranean 5 million years ago in an event known as the Zanclean flood

this stone that I have found in the region mountain on a height of 800 meters.( miljons years old)

The nature, abruptness and evolution of this flood remain poorly constrained. Borehole and seismic data show incisions over 250 m deep on both sides of the Gibraltar Strait that have previously been attributed to fluvial erosion during the desiccation

Here we show the continuity of this 200-km-long channel across the strait and explain its morphology as the result of erosion by the flooding waters, adopting an incision model validated in mountain rivers. This model in turn allows us to estimate the duration of the flood. Although the available data are limited, our findings suggest that the feedback between water flow and incision in the early stages of flooding imply discharges of about 108 m3 s-1 (three orders of magnitude larger than the present Amazon River) and incision rates above 0.4 m per day. Although the flood started at low water discharges that may have lasted for up to several thousand years, our results suggest that 90 per cent of the water was transferred in a short period ranging from a few months to two years. This extremely abrupt flood may have involved peak rates of sea level rise in the Mediterranean of more than ten metres per day.

U Tube:

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Terra Blanca 2014

White wines in this region is not easy to produce. Sun and variaties make it complex over here.
The majority is Garnacha Blanca and Macabeo.
So we pick the grapes early ( end august) to expose the fruits from the berrys and the crispy acids.
After cool maceration and fermentation at low temperatures 15 deg C, The Garnacha go on new French wood to mature for 4 months. The rest go on inox on his lees.
But now availabel the new : Terra Blanca 2014!

Now new labels with Catalaan, Spanisch and English text.
Waiting to be bottled..

click on the picture to read!