Monday, October 27, 2014

Killing season has started- wild pigs.

I have made this picture at the gas station of Falset.  The boys have a beer after a succesvol morning.

2 young wild boars was the trophy of today.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

100 % Arbequina

In 3 weeks we start the olive harvest 2014
The olives grow  fatter by the week, due to the rain of september.
Some olive trees has nothing, others are loaded, it is always difficult to predict the amount of the harvest.

Mas D,Panxo more than 150 years old, with the harvested garnaxa en the waiting olives.

100 % Arbequina still green, the will coloring soon.
These small olives weighing approx 2 grams, and 20 % of olive oil.
 For 1 liter of extra vergine quality olive oil we need 2400 olives.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Cabernet of Terra Personas harvested 13 of Oktober 2014

The harvest of Cabernet Sauvignon in the DO Montsant existed for 7% of all the grapes harvested.
This grape is often used in order to assemble with other grapes. It gives the wine more body and spice, structure. And therefore better depth.
After the winter he awakened late, but is again average ripe, (September, early October harvest).

Gives off a lot of color in winemaking, and good tannins to mature, the flavor they give blackcurrants, plums, spice, licorice.
This species is on R-110 rootstock.

Cabernet Sauvignon planted in 2009

Sunday, October 5, 2014

FIRATAST GIRONA 2014 with Terra Personas

FIRATAST GIRONA 2014 celebra su 20ª edición.
 Esta nueva edición se celebrará del 9 al 12 de octubre en el Palacio de Ferias de Girona
Todo el equipo ya estamos trabajando para ofreceros muchas novedades en esta edición
.Como siempre podréis encontrar una amplia variedad de stands que ofrecerán degustaciones para

 todos los gustos: platos elaborados, vinos y cavas, cervezas, ... 

FIRATAST da la oportunidad de probar muchos platos y así conocer nuevos restaurantes, tiendas 

gourmet, bodegas, ... así como también el territorio mediante los colectivos de cocina y los 

municipios que también muestran su cocina y sus campañas gastronómicas. 

¡Firatast, una feria Buenísima! 

Visit Terra Personas on this Great Gourmet Party!