Thursday, August 21, 2014

Verison 2014 - grapes of Terra Personas

A warm year, started in february march and so on. Thought everything will be early this year. A lot of water in the soils, the vines have grown rapidly. There was hail in the neighborhood in may/june, but not at us, the have made a lot of damage in the other vineyards.We have been lucky.
Garnatxa version july protected with sulfur.

Version started early, but everything seems to be ripe on " normale time". The process slows of. 
 The nature controlled himself.
And that is good, nice ripeness, not to hot in the last weeks before harvest. 10-15 deg C differences between the day and night temperatures give a nice process of ripeness of the berries also.
Garnatxa august 2014 
All the water in the soils are gone now, manly vaporized due to the sun.The vines have to work hard now, the have some water- stress now,to be seen on the dead leaves at the grape area of the vines.
Garnatxa august
The grapes are growing now, nice small bunches gives nice wines............