Thursday, May 1, 2014

the green trim ( Poda Verd a Catalan)

In this weeks we have to trim the abundant growth of the vines.First the syrah, he or she  grows like a wild vine a lot of work to control this vine. There after to more easier Garnatxa, but a strong grower.
The vines have started early this year due to the high temperatures. 10 to 14 days the are ahead on schedule.

Big shoots to remove, due to a lot of water available in the soil of the rain since november 2013. We are lucky to have this amount available for a healthy year.

Al hand maintenance, done by me...4 hectares to go, but this weekend we have a party in Falset,
 FIRA DELVI. ( the festival of wines from the region of the Priorat, DO Montsant and DOQ Priorat.)

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