Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Terra Personas is............. part 5

5   The range of Wines & Olive oil

Our philosophy is to bring quality wines and olive oil with native varietals and typicity of terroir closer to the consumer.

Feel and taste the differences.

Catalonia and specially the Priorat region have a long tradition for the varieties we vinify.
For the olive oil we use only the native variety called ‘arbequina’, with high aromatic qualities.
Our red wines are based on the native varieties Grenache and Carignan that have been growing for many years on lime-clay soils and have developed deep roots to nourish the vines.
The white wine gets its authentic character by the Grenache grape that responds very well in mountain viticulture. Especially the high acidity gives a fresh character to the wine.

Explanation brand and wine naming:
‘Terra Personas’ refers to the Persoon’s family estate and could be translated as the “land of the Persoons”.
In this region the soil has many different colours, from white, which may consist out of chalk (coming from the shelves of the Mediterranean sea many centuries ago) to dark red (heavy clay). The names of the wines are a reference to the different soil composition in our different vineyards.

The aged wine Terra Negra, translated from Catalan into ‘Black earth’.
We have one white wine, the Terra Blanca, translated from Catalan into ‘White earth’.
One young red wine called Terra Vermella, translated from Catalan into ‘Red earth’.

According the quality of the year of harvest we produce a limited edition of rosé wine through bleeding of the Grenache grapes.

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