Thursday, May 15, 2014

Terra Personas is........... part 4

4  Oenology

Terra personas produces wines with mediterrean body and soul.

Producing grapes takes a lot of effort. But is only the beginning of a good wine! During harvest the grapes are delivered freshly picked by hand to the bodega to process immediately without any delay to obtain the maximum phenolic qualities. The moment of harvest is decided by analysis and above all by taste. We look for an optimum mature point and harvest each variety separately. All our grapes are processed in the bodega, to specific standards for our Terra Personas wines. The different batches are all done by hand, and carefully looked after.  

Every grape variety is fermented separately and different qualities go to different batches.
White varieties: Grenache and Macabeu are harvested early in the morning to guarantee the freshness of the fruit. After a short ‘natural fermentation’ cultivated yeasts are added to finish the fermentation under temperature control. The Macabeu grapes are kept in maceration with the lees in inox tanks and the White Grenache is barrel fermented. The white Grenache stays with the lees on new French oak from 3 to 5 months for further maceration to obtain a better texture and mouth feeling. Both grapes are blend in different percentages according their quality.

Red varieties: Grenache, Carignan and Syrah are harvested separately and according their optimal maturation point. After quality control when the grapes arrive at the bodega the grapes are destined to different tanks to produce our two red wines Terra Vermella and Terra Negra.

For the production of Terra Vermella each variety is fermented on inox deposits and kept during 8 months after blending. This wine is filtered and stabilized before bottling.

For the production of Terra Negra the grapes are fermented under low temperature control before ageing in  French oak barrels of different sizes (300 l, 500 l) to obtain a perfect integration of the barrel extraction. The barrel ageing is according to the quality of the grapes of different harvests from 8 up till 12 months. To guarantee the uppermost quality and maximum aromatically expression this wine is light filtered and may have some crystallization residuals.

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