Thursday, April 10, 2014

Terra Personas is..... part 2

The region and history

The Romans were the first to make wine in this region.

We are located in the council of El Molar, Ruud discovered the vineyards with perfect sun exposure and  terroir. The 'finca Personas' of a total of 10 hectare’s, rolls over the hills
bordered to the fertile Siurana valley which includes 45 stone terraces.

The more than 150 years old masia “Mas d'en Panxo” on the Terra Personas estate are the leftovers of the wine-making history in this area. The original ceramic tiled  underground wine deposits are testament to that history. The masia was used as a hospital during the Spanish civil war.

The old vines are located on the border of the prestigious DOQ Priorat wine region. The Riera vineyard, bordered by pine trees, is planted with Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon and syrah. Old olive and almond trees assure the biodiversity. There is no irrigation and the vines are pruned for low yield to produce the uppermost quality. All work is done by hand.

The Mediterranean sea provides the occasional humid breeze, a warm and stable environment for grapes that grow at up to 300 meters above sea level, under the protection of the venerable Montsant mountain.

Since the beginning of time, human activity and the respect for the environment have coexisted harmoniously in the lands of D.O. Montsant. This respect reaches the spiritual realm. Since the 12th Century the Montsant mountain range has been and to a certain extent still is, a refuge for people searching to cultivate spiritual aspects of their lives. The Romans were the first to make wine in these lands however, it was the Carthusian monks who really developed wine cultivation throughout the region.

In the nineteenth century, wines from the lands of Montsant gained awards and recognition in exhibitions all around the world. The countryside and its wine go hand in hand with the D.O. Montsant. It is a land where old vines, painstakingly cared for by their owners, have come to represent History. This History continues evolving, with renewed enthusiasm towards a promising future.


Unknown said...

Deze zomer zitten we terug in de regio, kijk er al naar uit, land, geschiedenis, natuur en lekkere wijnen uit El Molar !!
Greets from Belgium
Johan Vercruysse

ruud said...

Johan, weer een goede keus!

Hoor wel waneer je er ben?

saludos, uud