Saturday, March 29, 2014

calories in wines..

In the wine world the do not like to make declarations on the label. I do not know why? The whole world declare the ingredients used in their products, so why not wines?

We declare our ingredients on a special supplement which we provide on our site:

Mainly it is just  grapes we added (of course), and we added also:  yeast, bentonite ( to clarify the wines) and sulfite (to preserve the wines, as low as possible) oak from French barrels and that it is.

And a second thing is the calories, manly coming from the natural suckers of the grapes and the alcohol in the  wines.

Ingredients declaration Terra Blanca 2012

Grapes, preservatives; E-220 at the time of bottling 100 mg/L.
other ingredients used in winemaking: yeast, French oak, bentonite
Calories :    1 glass   93 Calories ( 3,5 fl oz)  ( 103 ml)

Ingredients declaration Terra Vermella 2012

Grapes, preservatives; E-220 at the time of bottling 79 mg/L.
other ingredients used in winemaking: yeast, bentonite.
 Calories :     1 glass   99 Calories ( 3,5 fl oz)  ( 103 ml)

Ingredients declaration Terra Negra 2010

Grapes, preservatives; E-220 at the time of bottling  78 mg/L.
other ingredients used in winemaking: yeast, French oak, bentonite.
Calories :    1 glass   99 Calories ( 3,5 fl oz)  ( 103 ml)

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Медаль Золотая с Terra Negra 2010 / Gold Medal with the Terra Negra 2010

С вином из Terra Обои ТЕРРА НЕРА 2010 мы выиграли золотую медаль на Международном дегустационном конкурсе в Москве 2014 года. //

With the wine from Terra Personas the TERRA NERA 2010 we have won a GOLD medal on the International Tasting Contest in Moscow 2014.

The olympic games has finished but the Gold  Medal we have received from the International Association of sommelier in Russia.    

The tasting procedure consists of two rounds. During the fist round each taster estimates each wine in accordance to the 100 point scale. The best wines are awarded by bronze, silver and gold medals. 

The wines who get gold medals are tasted once more at the second round, the best of them are awarded by the Main Prizes of the Contest.

Friday, March 14, 2014

red red earth

Panal, Argila, Llicorella, chalk, mix soils from the nearest regions.

The first time when we came to this region I was stunning about the views you can have here. The mountains, the vineyards the olive trees and here and there the almonds and hazels. A nice set to see.
Also the different colours of the earth is here breathtaken. And that in these mix of the mountains, colors of the earth with the vegetations, make this for us the place to bee!

View from Mas D, Panxo Terra Personas estates. The valley of the river El Siurana.

Friday, March 7, 2014

What wine to drink with Herring?

The Raw fish match very well with the Terra Blanca. The acids in this wines with the Mediterrane character bring the herring and other raw fish or sushi to a higher level! 

The Terra Blanca is a mix of 55 % fresh Macabeo and 45 % of the white Garnacha, matured for 4 months on new French oak. A different wine, not everybody loves it , but you have to look for the right combinations with food.
  • gambas grilled with squeezed lemon
  • calamares a la romana with squeezed lemon
  • sushi & sashimi
  • lemon chicken dishes
  • pork dishes
  • all kinds of raw fish, like herring, suburb...........