Friday, January 31, 2014

Why does the Spaniards speak bad english?

In Spain the do not speak English very good.  Even if they have studied for years the language it is still difficult to understand. The Spanish language is a derivation of the Latin, like the Italian, Portuguese and French. 
Therefore, they can not pronounce the words. The languages ​​in Northern Europe are Germanic.
Such as English, Dutch, German, etc.

In Catalunya is everything one step worse, a complete different language. They get on the primary school only 2 hours of English or Spanish lessons a week . The Catalans see Spanish as a foreign language.  That aversion to the Spain country they owned to Franco. This dictator was happily death in 1975.Until that time it was in Catalunya forbidden to speak Catalan, and many people has been killed. 
 The Catalans vehemently protested against Franco's regime .

Or it may come oke with the English language in Spain I will doubt that. Or It's a bit like the French do, who also often think, if you come here as a stranger in France you have to speak French, because I can not understand you dummy!

The have a referendum in November this year, to separate Catalunya from Spain yes or no.
Catalunya is rich, a lot of money goes to Madrid and are receiving not a lo for return. 
The  result can be as a 50 - 50 change. With just a little surplus on the Spanish advantage. 
Fingers crossed............

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