Friday, January 31, 2014

Why does the Spaniards speak bad english?

In Spain the do not speak English very good.  Even if they have studied for years the language it is still difficult to understand. The Spanish language is a derivation of the Latin, like the Italian, Portuguese and French. 
Therefore, they can not pronounce the words. The languages ​​in Northern Europe are Germanic.
Such as English, Dutch, German, etc.

In Catalunya is everything one step worse, a complete different language. They get on the primary school only 2 hours of English or Spanish lessons a week . The Catalans see Spanish as a foreign language.  That aversion to the Spain country they owned to Franco. This dictator was happily death in 1975.Until that time it was in Catalunya forbidden to speak Catalan, and many people has been killed. 
 The Catalans vehemently protested against Franco's regime .

Or it may come oke with the English language in Spain I will doubt that. Or It's a bit like the French do, who also often think, if you come here as a stranger in France you have to speak French, because I can not understand you dummy!

The have a referendum in November this year, to separate Catalunya from Spain yes or no.
Catalunya is rich, a lot of money goes to Madrid and are receiving not a lo for return. 
The  result can be as a 50 - 50 change. With just a little surplus on the Spanish advantage. 
Fingers crossed............

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Climbing on the Colldejou Mountain. Priorat

Colldejou Mountain, has land views and sea views, climbing in the centre of that walls up.

A lot of possibilities here.

It goes straight up...

Only one way all the way up.  Priorat views

And Mediteran sea views

On the top it is flat and nice easy hiking. Priorat views

Monday, January 20, 2014

Espana Vino, Terra personas by David Moore

The magazine España Vino is made by the rewarded  wine writer David Moore.
A selected number of the finest Spanish bodegas are in it, Terra Personas also!

He have tasted the wines accordingly:

Terra Personas

A small range of bright, forward and immediately approachable wines is produced here. There is a
rosado as well as the nutty, lightly aromatic white and two reds. The bodega is owned by the Dutch
Persoon family and there has been winegrowing input from Scottish consultant Norrel Robertson
MW, who is based in Cataluña. The vineyard consists of 10 ha which are protected by the Montsant
mountains and planted at around 300 metres altitude. The Blanco is part tank fermented in stainless
steel at cool temperatures, its Garnacha Blanca component in small oak. Of the two reds the Terra
Vermella is more approachable and fruit forward. The Terra Negra is more complex, the influence of
around 80% of old Cariñena in the blend is immediately apparent on tasting.

Recommended Reds:
Montsant Terra Negra (Cariñena, Garnacha, Syrah) 86-88/ C
Montsant Terra Vermella (Carinena, Garnacha, Syrah) 85-87/ B

Recommended Whites:

Montsant Terra Blanca (Garnacha Blanca, Macabeo) 85-87/ B

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Guía Peñín 2014

Guia  Penin one of the most respected guides of Spain?

This year the have tasted our wines again, 88 points for the Terra Negra and 86 points for the Terra Vermella 2012.

Next year we put a advert extra in this guide and then we  get 90 points!
yehh,... that is quality!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

location 36 B

The development of a vineyard section 36 B, 1 hectare of garnacha in the Montsant in photos.

100  years ago there was Carinena planted  here, and made wines in this old house, the fermenting basins still remains on the backside of the house.( visitable from this side) And sold by the Assens Family to the people of the region. The last 50 years there were Almonds planted here.

The old house called Mas De Panxo.
One of the first visits to buy or not in 2006, with almonds flowering.
2007, emigrated to Spain, the children play  football.

fertilize the soils and  removing the old almonds roots
2008 planting the vines in the ground after removing the old almonds roots, ploughing and cultivating.

2008, the first leaves, and a lot of weed.

2008, The end of year one.

winter 2009 the hardware to be installed.

forming the vines fase 1 2009

2009, T- formation on the vines fase 2,  the end of year two.

2009/2010 a lot of snow in Catalunya

ploughing 4 to 5 times a year, to preserve the water in the soils,eliminated the weeds, air to the roots.
Harvest of 2011
2012 spring

2013 healthy leaves and "full" production of the Garnacha.
2013 Terra Vermella is coming partly from this location 36 B

2013, Terra Vermella 2012 Gold in China.
2013  december 5 years old.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ingredients declaration and calories wines from Terra Personas

 Ingredients declaration Terra Blanca 2012

Grapes, preservatives; E-220 at the time of bottling 100 mg/L.
other ingredients used in winemaking: yeast, French oak, bentonite

Calories :    1 glass   93 Calories ( 3,5 fl oz)  ( 103 ml)

Ingredients declaration Terra Vermella 2012

Grapes, preservatives; E-220 at the time of bottling 79 mg/L.
other ingredients used in winemaking: yeast, bentonite.

 Calories :     1 glass   99 Calories ( 3,5 fl oz)  ( 103 ml)

Ingredients declaration Terra Negra 2010

Grapes, preservatives; E-220 at the time of bottling  78 mg/L.
other ingredients used in winemaking: yeast, French oak, bentonite.

Calories :    1 glass   99 Calories ( 3,5 fl oz)  ( 103 ml)