Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Saturday, December 14, 2013

X mas at Spain

X mas is coming, and the supermarked is changing his selection. In spain is it used that the eat a lot of shellfish dishes  with the X- mas days with cava.  The supermarked are  offering this right now for reasonable prices.!  yes I am Happy, I love that stuff!

The carrefour supermarket a paradise for seafood lovers....

My sundag lunch, Rovellons ( forest mushrooms), artichoke,tuna,and Celebes.
  Percebes, is very different, the grow on the rocks of the atlantic ocean at Galicia.  The have been hand picked from those rocks. The smell of the Atlantic Ocean is still in it. After rinsing with water, you can cooked them with bay and parcel for 3 minutes. And than enjoy with albarino or cava as a starter/tapa.

Celebes in the sun with cava, nice  combination
The looked like dutch scrimps but  the taste is more meat like, with the taste of the Atlantic ,seaweed and walnut. Very special but be aware, when you opened these fresh cooked celebes, you can encounter the sea water in your face. ;)
very different, you should taste this.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Winter in Catalunya

The winter has started in Spain for us. Minus 3 deg C sunday morning.
foggy outside and the wood-fire is working inside.

car window  brrrr.

Mas Persones in the morning fog.

icewine next year?

But the weather says 14 deg C, so we have to wait a few hours and than in the sun (24 deg)!
 Yes that is Spain, country of contrast.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mediterran Crisis

This article is not about the crisis in Spain, we just recover a little bit from this dip lately.
But About the mediterranean Sea crisis many millions years ago. 
I am not a earth scientific person,so you are reading this on your own risk!
But the reason why I put this on the blog is that; I find often fossil stones of sea shells  in the surroundings of our Finca Terra personas in the Comarca Priorat on a altitude of 700 meters!

fossils from the area.

A little googling and i find the reason: The mediterranean crisis.
A lot of years ago ( 6 million) the mediterranean sea  was cut of from the Atlantic ocean. And it dried out with a huge amount of sea salt left. A warm period at that time!  The have drilled in the past (around 1970)  and found 1000/1500 meters of salt layers under the mediterranean sea floor.
evaporation of the seawater from 1500 meters to zero.

In that time the sea level was much higher as it  now is. Otherwise i can not find those fossil stones at a attitude of at least 700 meters.
The time also changes and the Atlantic ocean become higher than the cut-off near Gibraltar.

So the mediterranean sea fill itself up. And the opening at gibraltar is a fact..

chalk layers in the ground at Terra Personas of old shelfs?