Saturday, November 30, 2013

olive harvest almost done........

Harvesting olives is hard work, everything has to be done by hand. We have 2 pneumatic cambs, which goes quicker, but also  damich the olive trees a little.
2 man arranging the  nets for collecting the olives, 2 man using the pneumatic  cambs, en I collecting the olives from the nets to put into the remolque ( trailer). At the end of the day we have with 5 man 1300 kg of olives, puff a lot of work. And the olives are small this year, otherwise we can have double the kg!
Maybe next year when we are lucky.

preparing the harvest of the olives in 2013

remolque full with fresh arbequina olives.
 The olives goes the same day to the mill, and processed total separate that night, centrifuged and stocked in the reserved Terra Personas Inox Tank.

a lot of work to arrange the nets, for these small olives.

one of our last tree, witch the crew of this year.

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