Monday, September 30, 2013

Garnacha grapes from Terra Personas

This week is the harvest of the Garnaxa grapes started. Garnatxa Negra  the Catalan name for Garnacha red. One of the indigenous races of the DO Montsant region with a share of 32%, the largest red variety. This year 14 days later than normal.
After the winter he comes to life in the spring a little later than the white grapes and the red Sira grapes. And matures on average around the end of September for harvesting.

It is a strong growing plant and productive. Is  drought resistant.
The wine from this grape can contain a lot of alcohol, giving a deep red color, aromas of ripe fruit, blackberry and pepper with average acids.
This species is at Terra Personas on the R-110 rootstock. 
The American rootstock R-110 is strong, can withstand drought and reasonably well against calcareous soils. Hates too much water, but we do not have this unfortunately over here.
 About 500 mm of rain per year is the maximum.

Garnatxa planted in 2008
colouring end of july in beautiful pastel colors.
 Garnatxa on the finca of Terra Personas.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Sira Grapes of Terra Personas

Today we harvest the sira, +10 days later than normal, but in good health, and taste. Full grape bunches full of fruitiness and flavors...........

Sira the Catalan name for Syrah. Only 8% is harvested  annually from the red grape varieties from the DO Montsant . But a rising star.For me one of the most interesting grapes. Because he has that delicious fruit, and is ideal to assemble with other varieties which we have. Such as Carinena and garnacha.

Sira leaves
After the winter he comes  out of his sleep early in the spring mid march. But he matures early. Harvested first week of september. The shoots are long, you have to control them and cut them back. Otherwise you can get shoots of a few meters long!  Therefore, you need  more wires to hold the long shoots from the hard winds now and than, otherwise the can break. He or she is a wild grower.

This grape is on a different rootstock  41B. because sira is susceptible to lime (chlorosis). And we have a lot of lime in the soil. But with the combination of this rootstock, he must do. 
rootstock 41 B
The wines of this grape has  a good alcohol %, with an intense color, and has a lot of flavors as; violets, leather, tobacco, licorice, spices, black pepper, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, plum, clove, chocolate, truffle. In short, you understand why this wine is one of my favorites. But not easy to make.....he or she is a bit cocky.

Sira grapes planted in 2008

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gold with the Terra Vermella 2012!

This year we have received a Gold medal for  our Terra Vermella 2012!
We are very happy with this result, and that prove again that we are on the right track.
Last  year our Terra Negra 2009  has double gold in this prestige contest for the marked of China.

Gold for the Terra Vermella

 5,375 entries from 35 countries, it was the the biggest and most prestigious beverage competition discovered their suitability for the Chinese market. The judging panel was chosen exclusively including the most influential Distributors, Importers, Hoteliers and Sommeliers during CWSA Tasting Week in Hong Kong, China

Award winning wines from Terra Personas

Thursday, September 5, 2013


45 terraces on 10 hectares 

Terra Personas is Diversity. The Art of winemaking is about gathering people who enjoy the earth we share, wine made by people, for people. As well the different terraces we have, the ultimate combination of plots of olive trees combined with vineyards and almond trees  in a beautiful setting along the river El Siurana.

By people for people