Friday, August 30, 2013

Terra Blanca on Screwcap.

This year we have started on the white wines of Terra Personas with screw cap. 
The red wines stays on corks.
We do this to preserve the fruitflowers of the wine.  To preserve the quality more!

On black screw cap.

easy to open.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Puig Roig del Roget

Puig Roig del Roget

This is very old, but a little too much restored, yet 3000 years old.

It is located near the village of El Masroig, so 5 minutes from Terra Personas and you have to  walk at least 1 hour into the forest.

This is an ancient settlement of the first "natives" here. The fundeering is still clearly visible. And the path through the "village".

It is on a hill, and according to a sign which was standing they have chosen this place for the following reasons:

* Close to the river La Siurana ( fresh water/cleaning)
* Nutritious soils ( for the vegetables)
* The presence of the primary materials,wood/stone/iron/water/ clay for
*  making ceramic, and the houses
* Many minerals (there are found many old mines in the area)
* On the mountain top for security.

We know again, 3000 years old wow, and that just  around the corner .....................

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Verison 2013

 This Year it is different again the wetter. It all started with a warm winter, the weeds continue growing.
A  wet spring, the grow fast and strong till mid may. In mid -may en june it was colder then normal. So the slowing down in growth. And juli en august warm temperatures above 32 deg C. A perfect condition for maturing the grapes. The differences in day and night temperature is growing now.

But everything is 7 to 10 days later than average, due to the cooler may en juli. 
But the analyses of the acids, Ph and organoleptic grape and stone taste will determine the harvesting date.
For this time we just wait..................

Cabernet Sauvignon, harvest period approx. second/third week of october 2013.
Carinena planted in 1972, used for the Terra Negra wines harvesting in approx second week of october,.

Garnacha, 6 years old for the Terra Vermella wines harvesting approx. last week of september

Sira grapes to be harvested in the first week of september, for the Terra Vermella Wines.

Monday, August 12, 2013


YES, finally, I managed to take a picture. of this special bird, Every time I drive down down the camino with my car I meet him very often, but the are shy and fly fast away.

This bird is a  bee-eater, Abellerol in Spanish, and he looks a lot like the kingfisher .
 Beautiful colors that shine in the sun. The make their nest in the walls of the earth.
In the wintertime the emigrate to Africa.

Yes , on the picture!

Beautiful colors.