Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Grapessizes at the moment.

This year the weather  is different again.  Last year it was too dry, the grapes and olives suffer. This year totally different again.
A very warm winter, a cool springtime, and a hot summer( 32 deg C. in the shades). And a lot of rain during those seasons.
Nice for my olives, the grow bigger and more oil in it! It will compensate the losses of last year i hope!
The grapes are also bigger, but everything within acceptable levels at the moment.

carinena grapes july 2013
Normally at the end of july the version start. The vine stop growing, and give al his energy to the grapes instead of his leaves and canes. 
The grapes will grow bigger, and closes the bunches with more sucker producing  and less acids.

Garnacha grapes july 2013

wine leaves in partial autumn colors. 

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