Monday, May 27, 2013

Flowering of vines

Slowly the flowering of the vines has started this week. You have to look very closely to see when the vines are in bloom. The olive bloom can be seen clearly, very exuberant .
only the top is flowering at the moment, the rest will follow.(Garnatxa negra) 
The ball bursts open and pestle with the stamens emerge. You have to look good in this maze to discover this.

In this picture the flowering beautiful to see, Cabernet Sauvignon are  the species.  The majority will bloom in these weeks, and harvested in september till mid october. The called it the 100 days war.
You have always to watch very closely to put the mildew away by using sulphur. Sulpur produces a gas ( at temperatures above the 18 deg C.) which killed the moulds. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mejillones a la marinara

If you like muscle, you have to try this recipe. Something different and tasty!

4 cut ansjovis filets in a little milk for 1/2 hour  ( you must add these, this give the bite for this recipe)
2-3 kg muscles  prefer spanish style- the are bigger but more tasteful from Calicia with full of fresh sea)
olive oil of course.
1 onion cut fine
2 garlic of course
fresh persil
2 spoons of fresh basil
100 ml white wine
2 spoons white vinegar
black pepper

If prefer you can add also a half tin of cocos milk!

Oil in the pan with the onion and garlic slow heating.
Persil and basil there after slow fring.
Put the cut ansjovis with the wine and vinegar.
Put the fire higher and put all the muscle in the pan.
Stir now and then, and serve with the fresh persil.

Nice with Terra Blanca 2012.

¡bon profit

Friday, May 17, 2013

olive flowers

This week the  flowering has started of the olives. Always a beautiful sight, the take care for himself  the do not need bees for fertilization.   The forming of the flowers for the arbequina olives for harvesting in november.  
In detail 

The start flowering in the week of 6 of may.

picture is taken on 25 of april/ Only 1 or 2 olives will grow on every flower bunch!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

“El Sabor Del Mediterrani”- Terra Blanca

“El Sabor Del Mediterrani”

Terra Blanca.

is a wine made of macabeo and Garnacha blanca. The macabeo is fresh and young while the Garnacha part has barrel fermented. A medium bodied  wine with minerality and acidity:

Terra Blanca 2012:

* Attractive pale straw in colour . Clear and bright with a green tinge and some viscosity. 
* The nose displays pronounced notes of white flowers, fresh cut melon, and tropical fruits with        creamy background tones.
The 40% of Garnacha Blanca fermented in new French barrels brings subtle notes of lemon, vanilla and toast. 
*The mouth is fresh and crisp yet mouth-filling with a long mineral finish

So this wine will pair well with acidity flavours in the food like lemon and vinegar. But also higher spiced Asian foods. The match with sushi with the raw fish will stand.

  • ·         gambas grilled with lemon
  • ·         calamares romana with lemon
  • ·         sushi with sashimi
  • ·         lemon chicken
  • ·         Asian dishes
  • ·         Pork dishes
  • ·         Raw fish like tuna 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday a Falset

This weekend was the most big happening in this area this year for me. 
 The Fira Del Vi, or the wine festival of Falset.  
We have tasted the wines of the DO Montsant and the wines of the DOQ Priorat from our colleagues.

But look at this small movie, a human castell will not always  succeed................
 ( also be towered at this fair on the this sunday)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tender Norway Vinmonopolet

Sometimes there are tenders which can be interesting. This year there was a tender for Norway for their  shops regulated by the government. The were looking for Montsant wines with Carinena and Garnacha. 
So wines which terroir. 
We have joined this tender, and did not won unfortunately.
  But this was very promising;  We were second!! Out of a list of 29 participants.

The results of the norway tender, Terra personas almost  the best !
Our wines do very good also in the northern parts of the world, because of its specific terroir what appealing to the Quality-customers.