Thursday, February 28, 2013

pruning the olives

After pruning the vines we have to prune the olives. These olives are planted in 2006 and have grow fast last year. The olives grow in the springtime till it get to hot, than the stop. 
And continue in October and November.

We prune all the branches witch hit the ground, and grow inside the tree. 
For the rest we let them unattached.
It is a quick system due to the traditional pruning. The traditional system make the tree more open on the inside. We do not do that, the advantage is that er remain more branches over for bearing the olives!

young olive-tree ( 2006) before the hairdresser
after the hairdresser
branches 6 years old and thick.
older olive-trees next to our house before....

and after, fast pruning but...........
Cleaning up al those branches will take 4 days! Collecting them and put them on fire.

Friday, February 22, 2013


What I really do not understand why  the are nearly only eat Calcots in Catalonia. This is a perfect meal for this time of the year and very special!
This onion is special made for this, first the let him grow as normal, halfway the grow the do replant them, and that why the white part is longer and thinker.

Calcots you prepaid them on a open fire, like the BBQ, or on the ground. For the extra taste you use the trimmings of the vines. And let the onions burn black, the start sissing on the inside, and that is a good sign.

Romesco the perfect combination.
And not to forged you have to make the ancient sauce ( comes from the Roman times) with it, Romesco sauce. It is easy to make. Put on the oven-plate sweet pepper, onions, garlic, tomato's  almonds hazelnuts en give it 40 minutes in the oven. Still warm peel of the skins en squeeze the garlic out of his peel. Put everything in a bowl and add of course olive-oil, salt pepper, vinagre de vi en blend it to a sauce. delicious.

And now the most imported thing: How to eat?

You take a calcot and pulling on the root-side the outer part, ( your fingers get black and that is the fun of it) the come of easily, put the fresh white part in the romesco sauce , and eat them like a Dutch haring.  A very special sweet onion taste, delicate.
A good combination with lamb afterwards. 
Bon Approvit.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Prune the vines and olives at Terra Personas

This is the time to pruning the vines. In march the awake from the winter-sleep and the eyes come out slow.  The new season will start. But for now work to do, 4 hectares cutting-cutting-cutting the whole day for more than 2 weeks.  Fortunately I do this with my pneumatic scissors otherwise my right hand will be 1 inch thicker after the weeks of pruning.

Cutting the old parts of last year and let the new grow.

This part is ready, carinena planted in 1972 for the Terra Negra wines.
We have our vines growing in the trellis formation as a cordon doble , see picture below. For maximum photosyntheses on the leaves, and prefect aeration on the grapes.
The older parts are on Vaso. ( bush-vine) see picture below. It is much cheaper to established but the get less sun on the leaves and the aeration is much less.

A Vaso = Bushvine
Who to prune a  vaso.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Falset, lies in de county of the Priorat, Provence of Tarragona in the south part of Catalonia in Spain.
When you visit this village with his 4000 inhabitants you can not miss it. The portal of the regions of the DO Montsant and the DOQ Priorat.

The valley of Falset               click on the to enlarge him.

City of Falset  350 meters high
There are 30 bars and many restaurants nestled in this city! On thursday the have the marked were you can by the fresh vegetables, our standard procedure. Together to collect our post from the post-office  because the postman does not deliver our mail to our residence. Here you also  meet the people and have a coffee or so.

Great lunches in the many restaurants with the wines from the region, always oke. The have also like all the villages here a big feast in august. Called the Festa Major! The second week in august and you have to see this. In the evening the have live fireworks, with a lot of noice in the small streets of Falset, to chase away the bad spirits of the last year....


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The flowers of January 2013

Normally the almonds start flowering mid February  but due to the sun of the last period the almonds are
 2 weeks earlier!
For Us the starting of the spring, always a nice view of al the Almonds witch we have on our finca.
And every year the number is rising, because of every almond falling on the ground a new tree can be born. 
And if the new almond-tree appear and it is not to much competition for the others I let them grow.

Almonds flowering, after the harvest of the grapes mid oktober we can pick the almonds of the trees.

more pictures below of our flower-parade!

Wild iris, and multiple every year..