Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Welcome to Spain!

Just click on the U tube movie, just like Spain......

                                                                     Crisis, What crisis?

Friday, January 25, 2013


Tarragona is the capital of the province where we live in the South region of Catalunya.  Only 40 minutes by car from us towards the coast of the Costa Daurada.

Amphitheatre on the beach.

The Romans arrived in Spain by this road to discover the country and called this city, The Capital of Hispanje;  Tarracco at the time.  The Romans have left next to the beach  a genuine Amphitheatre with many historic buildings.
This city is on the list of Unesco, with the city wall, a circus, triumphal arch, amphitheatre and many other buildings.

A nice old city worth to look around with an  afternoon lunch on the many squares in the old part of Tarraco.
Parts of ancient Roman buidings 

transport of water by bridges
From this port the Romans exported the wines from this region, the advantage of this area was the high concentration of alcohol and colours which they make at that time. To keep the wine drinkable and sustainable before it had arrived in Rome.

In the village of Marca near Terra Personas are  amphora jars found from that time where they transported wines.

Friday, January 18, 2013

How do you taste olive oil?

blue tasting glass to hide the colour for neutral tasting
Of course you taste  with your tongue, but what and who do you use them? On the tip of your tongue you taste sweet and drought (tannin). In the middle on the sides of your tongue you taste sour, and back on your tongue the bitters. Pepper feel in your throat, after you have swallowed it.

But we start first with The Smell;  Warm the olive oil extra Verge  with your palm in a small tasting glass, (a small regular glass is also okay) then slide quietly into your hands and keep rolling the glass. The warmth of your hands given to the olive oil. 28 degrees is the optimum temperature for this, good to smell and taste, but, … what do I smell?  The primary fruit aromas of the fresh olive, green, fruity, soft, elegant and round. 

The Taste; then we take a sip, not too much at once, and let it equally on your tongue "melt" and heat, and then swallow it. Take some breath, for intensification of the taste. The secondary aromas fill the fruit flavours such as; tomato, artichokes, basil, banana peel, vegetables, fresh cut grass, almonds, walnuts.

This olive oil is generally well balanced, complex and harmonious. But each year has its own characteristics, depending on the weather and the conditions and the time of harvest. Fortunately, it remains a purely natural product! 

Pure 100 % juice from the olives.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Terra Personas and the Flos Olei 2013

At last, yesterday we have received the holy bible for the best  olive-oil-producers of the world. 
The Flos Olei 2013 written by Marco Oreggia, Italian of birth.

In his top 20 best olive-oils are 15 from Italia, The number one is Spain in this chart.

Terra Personas is also in this guide on page 103.

click on this picture to read the text.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The suroundings of the council of the Priorat

The Comarca (council) of Priorat is the place were we have settled with Terra Personas. The beautiful surroundings of vineyards, olive groves, almonds- trees, pine-trees the different colours of the clay soils with the rivers around it. I love it! It never get bored the views from the mountains.
 Click on the movie for a  impression of this unique area.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Guia Penin 2013

The Peñin Guide 2013, one of  the reference guides of wines from Spain consulted by professionals and amateurs around the world. Around the  10.000 wines are in this guide. 
Terra Personas is also rewarded.

Tastings of the Montsant wines for the guide, our wines is waiting for to be testing, see picture right down.

Terra Blanca 2011 ( garnacha blanca and macabeo) with 4 stars and 87 points.
 The Terra Vermella 2011 ( carinena, garnacha and syrah) has 4 stars and 88 points.
 Our Terra Negra 2010 has 87 points and consist of  carinena garnacha and syrah
 very good wines according to the Guide.