Sunday, September 30, 2012

The next day, Sunday/De volgende dag, zondag

fog from the river El Siurana ( click on the photo for a larger image)
 This morning I am an early riser, yes I see blue sky again.  The Sun have still to  show themselves above the mountains. The full moon says goodbye to me again.  The fog rises from the Valley of the River El Siurana.   And I am satisfied, 40 mm rain yesterday. And the water has settled good  in the top layer of 25 cm in the ground.  About in a week we going to plough to preserve these water in the topsoil. Otherwise the sun well burned everything out of the ground. 

Vanochtend weer vroeg op, ja ik zie weer blauwe lucht.  De zon moet nog zich laten zien boven de bergen. De volle maan zegt me weer gedag.  De mist stijgt uit het dal van de rivier El Siurana. En ik ben tevreden, 40 mm regen gevallen. En het het water heeft zich goed genesteld in de toplaag van 25 cm in de grond.  Over een week gaan ploegen, om deze water voorraad te behouden. Anders trekt de zon het er weer allemaal uit, en dat willen we niet.

The sun is coming and dry the leaves of the vines.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Finally it rains! / Eindelijk het regent!

Yes, I'm happy, it rains finally here in the region! What you guys get too much in the North of Europe we get far too little.  The last l rain was somewhere in June. Total this year only 250 mm  and that is far too little.
Mas de Panxo in the clouds
 Fortunately, I saw what was coming, a fat low pressure area in Spain and a high pressure at the top of Europe. Chance of rain. So yesterday I did my  groceries, collect water and gas, so this weekend I locked me up from  the world  in my cottage on the mountain. According to the rain -messages should come out with big quantities at one time, so we do not wait for that, because then I can go nowhere. The loam soils here turn into spongy clay masses, where you slippery back and forth, and the layer below the shoes getting fatter.  So far 15 mm (11.30) and it is still continuing , all the valuable water is sucked up by the ground slowly, yes I'm happy

Grapes alraedy picked
Ja, ik ben blij, het regent eindelijk hier in de regio! Wat jullie te veel krijgen in het noorden van Europa krijgen wij veel te weinig.  Het laatste kleine buitje was ergens in juni. Totaal is er dit jaar maar een 250 mm gevallen en dat is veel te weinig.
Gelukkig zag ik de bui al hangen, een vet lage druk gebied in Spanje en een hoge druk bovenin. Kans op regen. Dus gisteren maar boodschappen gedaan, water en gas gehaald, om me dit weekeinde  eenzaam  af te sluiten van de wereld in mijn huisje op de berg. Volgens de berichten moet het met bakken eruit komen zetten, en daar gaan we niet op wachten, want dan kan ik nergens meer heen. De leemgronden hier veranderen in sponsachtig klei- massa’s, waar je heen en weer glibbert, en de laag onder de schoenen steeds dikker wordt.
Tot nu toe 15 mm ( 11.30 uur) en het valt rustig, al het kostbare water wordt langzaam door de grond opgezogen, Ja ik ben blij!!
My olives get fatter, witch more oil in it, we needed it so much, thanxs!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Twee talen op dit Blog./ Two languages on this Blog

Sinds de oprichting van dit blog ergens in 2007 schreven we in de Nederlandse taal.  Logisch, maar de tijden veranderen. Terra Personas heeft steeds meer klanten welke de Nederlandse taal niet spreken. En dan is Engels een vervolg. Daar ook dit blog is gekoppeld aan onze ( Engelse) website van
Maar na enkele verzoeken van trouwe Nederlandse lezers of het toch niet in het Nederlands kan blijven! Want die google vertaler is zeer slecht. Maar ik moet  zeggen dat mijn taal ook niet is om naar huis te schrijven, maar altijd nog beter dan die van google naar mag ik hopen.

Dus we gaan het proberen om het tweetalig te maken. Eerst de Engelse tekst en daaronder de Nederlandse.  Oke?

Since the creation of this blog somewhere in 2007 we wrote in the Dutch language.  Logic, but times change. Terra Personas have more clients who do not speak the Dutch language. And then English a continuation. Also this blog is linked to our ( English) website from

 But after several requests from loyal Dutch readers why not writing in Dutch.  Because Google translator is very bad. But I must say that my language is also not 100 %, but still better than Google for may I hope.  
So we're trying to make the bilingual. First the English text and the Dutch.  Okay?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

house made wine

checking the sugars with the refractometer.
Every Year I make my house-wine in the little shed in our vineyard. Only for private consumption, and to give it away. This year I do only 100 % syrah ( Sira on Catalan). Because i love this grape. 
Firs harvesting 400 kg. De-stemming and crushing the grapes

Sira before and after de- stemming.
Than comes the hard work, we made 50 % rose and 50 % red wine, that means we pressed the grapes as soon as possible. We fill the press-basked with a bucket and let the free juice go. Fill it up and press them. This is not easy, some muscle has to work.
The result only skins left.

pressing in the little shed in the vineyard

The juice go in a big plastic tub, and yeast is added. And in a few days it start bubbling. The other part ( unpressed grapes for the red wine) goes directly to the other plastic tub after de-stemming. yeast is also added. We stir 2-3 times a day to give aero to the yeast en let the berry s for the red wines give his colour to the free juice. In a 2 days our " bodega" smells nicely to fermented grapes!

We wait till the bubbling process has finished. The rose will be more clear, and passed them to his home; a stainless steel tank. And add a tide-little bit of  sulphite to preserve.
The berry's for the red wine will be pressed and the go to the other stainless steel tank. No sulphite added, we want also a malolactic fermentation, and that will be in march i think, wean the temperature are rising. In the meanwhile we stir in the stainless steel tank ( batonnage) to get extra elements and terroir to the wine

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Harvest 2012 at Terra Personas

Yes, this is the end of a year work. A lot of work has passed, everything is still handmade!  The harvest of grapes has already started at Terra Personas!
But the ultimate challiance has also started. What are we going to do, what is different this year with the harvest?  No water, a lot of sunshine,small grapes, a lot of colour etc..  every year is different,
yes that is nature.

harvesting Garnacha  with Xavie.
We check  the sugars, acidity pH, colour and taste the grapes for his parameters. We de-stemming the grapes crush them slightly, add yeast and control the temperature. For the rest we wait. Let the process do his work, we bubble the juice!  ( C02 Neutral?  not in this stage)

Me, picking grapes...more to go.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Please let  it rain!! Up till now this year it has rained only 200 mm. And that is not enough. The grapes and olives are suffering due to the lack of water. A well we do not have unfortunately. The water is to deep here over 200 meters down. And i have not  much electricity to power the pump. 

But normally i do not need extra water but this year hits the records for me. The grapes quality rising with a lack of water. A lot of colour and polyphenol, and sugar are the result. But for my olives it is worst! 
The are to small so less kg this year, and the have less oil in it! So I am not happy!
Farming is not easy in this area.

my house cactus is my indicator
 My house- cactus tell me way a head who the water situation is, and also he is not happy!
detail of the dryness
 The leaves of the vines are dying around the grape zone a indicator of dryness to.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

How to taste olive oil?

But we start first with the smell;
Heat the olive oil extra Verge what your using your palm in a small glass test, (a small glass is okay) the slide quietly rolling and let your hands to hold the glass. The warmth of your hands warm the olive oil at 28 degrees is the optimum temperature for this good smell and taste,

but ............ what I smell? The primary fruit aromas of fresh olive, green, fruity, fresh, sultry. Then we take a sip, not too much at once, and let it on your tongue "melt" and warm up, and swallow it. Take some breath, to intensify the flavor.

The sweet on the tip of your tongue, bitter at the back, the peppers in the throat. It depends on the period of harvest, whether much or little of all this is present, and the year itself. Early harvest in November generally has more of the dry-astrigide, bitters and chili in the taste than the late harvest in December or January. But in the whole balanced, soft and mild.

After you've swallowed the olive oil, and everything is warmed by your body temperature gives the oil its flavors off. The secondary aromas fill the fruit flavors such as, ripe fruit, artichoke, banana peel, vegetables, fresh cut grass, almonds, walnuts. Again, the sooner harvested more intense the features.

This olive oil is generally well balanced, complex and harmonious. But every year has its own characteristics, entirely dependent on the weather and the conditions and the time of harvest. It remains fortunately a pure natural product!

The time of harvest is important.

In the early harvest is the color green yellow, with the characteristics of vegetables, tomato, banana, nuts and pepper at the end of a full body oil.

And in the late harvest is the golden yellow color, full soft ripened olive oil, a little sweet, with the characters of artichokes, tomato, vegetables, nuts and a little pepper, all less than the early harvest.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1000 blogposts

Since 2007 we are already working on this blog.   I find it an achievement for all 5 year  to write a message on this place. In the beginning was that every day, and over the years this regularity to 2 x per week approximately.
 Our readers are also faithful, a fixed group of 100 people visit this place on a weekly basis. The many passers-by which occasionally visit this place runs into the hundreds. Since a few weeks we changed from the Dutch language to the English language. This has the underlying reason that Terra Personas focus on a wider English reading public on this blog.  95% of the customers of Terra Personas are not in the Netherlands
Unfortunately perhaps for the Dutch readers, but you can use the tool on the right side at the top: Google Translator to translate the text back to the language which you want, including Dutch!
 Enjoy reading, and I hope you guys continue to Captivate so you come back occasionally!
Saludos Ruud.

Sinds 2007 zijn we al bezig met dit blog.   Ik vindt het een hele prestatie om al 5 jaar trouw een bericht te schrijven op deze plek. In het begin was dat elke dag, en in de loop van de jaren is deze regelmaat verschoven naar 2 x per week ongeveer. Onze lezers zijn ook trouw, een vaste groep van 100 man op weekbasis bezoekt deze plek. De vele passanten welke incidenteel deze plek bezoekt loopt in de honderden.
Sinds een aantal weken zijn we van de Nederlandse taal overgegaan naar de Engelse taal. Dit heeft als achterliggende reden dat Terra Personas  zich meer wil richten op een breder leespubliek van dit blog.  En 95 % van de klanten zich niet in Nederland bevinden.  Helaas wellicht voor de Nederlandse lezers, maar je kan de tool aan de rechterkant bovenin gebruiken:  Google Translator om de tekst terug te laten vertalen naar de taal welke je wilt, dus ook Nederlands!
Veel leesplezier, en ik hoop jullie te blijven boeien zodat je af en toe terugkomt!
Saludos  Ruud.