Friday, April 4, 2014

Terra Personas is..........

1 The concept and the people

Mediterranean wines from the D.O. Montsant.
Understandable, character and value guaranteed quality.
Wine made by people for people.

Terra Personas was born in 2006, located next to the village of El Masroig in the council of the Priorat. Situated in the province of Tarragona, south Catalonia. Her we have our vineyards in the Denominacio d`Origen Montsant bordered to the river El Siurana.
This beautiful area is dominated by mountains, pine trees and colorful soils. Here we grow our grapes and olives  with passion and respect for nature were possible.

Terra Personas mean the soils of the Persons, our surname is Persoon (Dutch of origin) and we have been emigrated to Spain with the Family in 2007 and ( have) lived on the land.
That’s why the label shows the people on the labels of our wines, and also that we make wine for people made by people  for the earth were we live on.
At Terra Personas we have created the perfect environment for native and new grape varieties, for traditional as well as modern wine making. Our expressive wines, full of true 'Spanish' character, appeal to palates all over the world.
Our philosophy is to provide understandable, quality, value guaranteed Montsant wines of distinctive character that consistently provide the perfect balance of flavor and integrity.
Terra Personas wines typify everything that is uniquely Montsant: bold, generous and full of aromas with varietal integrity and expression of the climate and soil. The Art of wine making is about gathering people who enjoy the earth we share, wine made by people, for people.
In 2008 we have starting making wines, And every year the received prizes by experts become higher thanks to  Norrel Robertson MW for his advice.

Stefan Lismond- export manager (left) 

Sandra Bravo-enology (centre)     

Norrel Robertson MW- consulting 
wine maker (right)                                                                                               

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