Friday, February 21, 2014

pruning the vines.

Now it is the time to prune the vines. Nice dry weather is optimal to prune. We prune with a pneumatic scissor, otherwise my wrist  and fingers start to protest. 4 Hectares to go...... 2 weeks work.
Garnacha ready to prune on trellis.

Me pruning the vines in 2014 -  old Carinena 0ver 40 years old.

After the pruning we collect all the wood, by tractor and put on fire.
nice for the bbq with Catalaan onions like "calcots".
We prune 3 left and 3 right. Not more for the quality  of the grapes. (Garnacha 5 years)
short cut with only 2 eyes. ( from these 2 eyes came from half march 2 shoots)

The start of the springtime for me, the flowers of the almonds, on time as usual!

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