Saturday, December 14, 2013

X mas at Spain

X mas is coming, and the supermarked is changing his selection. In spain is it used that the eat a lot of shellfish dishes  with the X- mas days with cava.  The supermarked are  offering this right now for reasonable prices.!  yes I am Happy, I love that stuff!

The carrefour supermarket a paradise for seafood lovers....

My sundag lunch, Rovellons ( forest mushrooms), artichoke,tuna,and Celebes.
  Percebes, is very different, the grow on the rocks of the atlantic ocean at Galicia.  The have been hand picked from those rocks. The smell of the Atlantic Ocean is still in it. After rinsing with water, you can cooked them with bay and parcel for 3 minutes. And than enjoy with albarino or cava as a starter/tapa.

Celebes in the sun with cava, nice  combination
The looked like dutch scrimps but  the taste is more meat like, with the taste of the Atlantic ,seaweed and walnut. Very special but be aware, when you opened these fresh cooked celebes, you can encounter the sea water in your face. ;)
very different, you should taste this.

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