Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Spain is all or nothing!

Spain is all or nothing! The last 3 days it has been raining, we are on a low pressure area, that means often in this time of the year that it can rain. But nothing is sure, we are in a mountainousness area and in Falset, the "city"of the region of the Priorat it rains 50 % more than were we are 8 km to the other direction.

This year started as a good year for the rain, in the first months we were happy, enough rain for the olive-trees and vines. But the last rain was approx. in may. The period of may till mid November no rain at all. Everything was very very dry, the olive trees has water-stress.

Finally rain, to late for the olive harvest, we harvesting them tomorrow, but water for the vines and olive trees for the next growing year. It rains the last 3 days in a total of 180 mm!! A lot, to much in one time. That is Spain all or nothing!

A lot of damage on the road and the walls of the finca. Deep  furrow on the road up to my house, not possible to drive any more.  The river El Siurana is a very  fast flowing river now, I can hear the water moving over the big boulders in our house above the mountain.

Also 5 walls of our finca collapse, a lot of work to restore them.

Yes, I am happy, not for the extra work, and sit still for 3 days in our house next to the stove, but for the vines and olive trees that the have plenty of water and are ready again for the season 2014.

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