Saturday, November 2, 2013

3 Terroir: The grapes of Terra Personas

The third and last part Terroir of Terra Personas is about the grapes.
There is a lot of talk about terroir in the business. The do talk about nonsense or  to reality.
It is a a matter of approach I think.

In the Montsant you have a lot of differences in wines all made from Garnacha and  Carinena.
Altitude make more fresher, acid wines with less colour due to the colder temperatures.
Lower parts has a higher temperature so more colours and  polyphenols  and a higher pH.

The soils make a big difference, have you a lot of chalk or are you mainly based on sand or only on slate.
That give the grapes differences in complex, minerality etc.
Do you water the vines, or you let them regulate theme self, gives a big difference in there complexibility together with low yields.

And then the winemaking, are you steering to more complex structured wine what reflects the terroir or to a pleasant easy to drink wine type? And the coupage, Carinena is the proud of the Monsant, the best in Spain in my view ( on low yields and old grannies), gives extra character to the wines.
So what is Terroir and what isn't, that is just a matter of approach I all comes from the lands!

microclimate at Terra Personas.

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