Friday, October 11, 2013

Carinena from Terra Personas

Carinena,the proud grape of the Montsant
in this area it produce real quality!

With restricted yields of course and on old vines, Cariñena can excel. Producing structured wines with savoury, mineral flavours that faithfully reflect their terroirs. Old, low yielding Cariñena vines have been led a quality revolution over the last decade or so. Cariñena produces wines that can be astringent, long-lived and sturdy—ideal for adding backbone to fleshier, fruitier grapes such as  garnacha, with which it is often blended at Terra Personas.

As a wine, Carignan can be pretty tough too. The wine produced is typically high in rough tannins and acidity, so it takes some time to tame this variety.

Carignan adds characteristics such as body, color, fruitiness, and length. As it matures Carignan becomes softer and loses its astringency.  Our favorite for the red wines. 
The carinena planted in 1972 goes in our crianca wines the Terre Negra, and than aged on french wood for 9 months, a real surprise of complexity and taste. 
Terroir of the Montsant.

Carinena planted in 2001 on cordon T formation for the Terra Vermella red wines

Carinena a Vaso 1972 planted  for the Terra Negra wines.

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