Sunday, October 27, 2013

2 Terroir: The climate of Terra Personas

The climate within the DO Montsant is influenced by the mountains. In the southern region it is also influenced by the Ebro river valley and by moist sea breezes.
The climate is Mediterranean with continental aspects which can rise to 35 deg C in the summer.

The mountains which partly protect the area from the sea breezes are responsible for the great contrast between day and night-time temperature during the final months of grape-ripening. These differences help to increase the level of polyphenols in the grapes which make more character to the wines.

Terra Personas is about 24 km removed from the mediterranean sea.

The average temperatures are around 15,5 Deg C. the average maximum temperatures are no more
than 22ºC. Winters tend to be cold and Summers hot and dry. Rainfall is between 450 and 550 mm a year which is unevenly distributed over the year. Rain falls mainly in autumn and spring. from the end of july the vines can have water stress. Which leads to more character, colour and texture to the grapes.

During the summer, the humid winds from the sea start to blow in the late afternoon. These winds bring much needed water during the dry months and leading up to grape ripening.

water on the grapes due to the differences in day and night temperatures, nice lose berries.

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