Monday, October 21, 2013

1 Terroir : The Soils of Terra Personas

different soil types and colours from our area!

We can basically identify three types of soil in the Montsant: 

- Panal: ( middle jar on the foto) Compact soils, limestone-based which show contact with river-bed sedimentation. A soil primarily composed of calcium carbonate and high in chalk or limestone.

A soft soil made primarily from fossilized seashells.

- Argilla, (3 jar on the left) red sandstone-based soils, with a high clay content which are to be found on the periphery of the wine appellation.

Arena, sandGravelly soils  ( not on the photo  looks like the last one on the right)made up of granitic sands which come from the erosion of

conglomerate rock formations. These can be found mainly in and around Falset. 
They have a low organic matter content and do not retain water very well.

 Llicorella ( 1 jar on the left) Stony soils,which are made up of silica slate. They have

very little organic matter.

 At Terra Personas we have the mix,  Loam, a crumble mixture of Panal, Arena, stones with a high content of chalk. This type of soil produces  fresh and floral wines with a right balance between the alcohol and acidity with abundant polyphenol. 

This type of soil  has a big moisture holding capacity, and that is a good thing,  because the vines have to help himself, because we  do not give extra water to them!

Soil type of Terra Personas, conglomerate ( concrete formed by nature!)

Soil type of Terra Personas, Lime soils with chalk layers.

Soil type of Terra Personas a mix of Panal and arena, with small or bigger stones in it

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